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Kevin R. Seward - Simply Springing Side 2
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Simply Springing Side 2

Made in Virtual ANS using an edited image of a handwritten cassette label.

want to be

balls of fire


 Primitive Obsession 20<1999> No.004
Jin Takeda


 Primitive Obsession 20<1999 No.004

Jin Takeda


1972 San Diego boat show proposal for a Wrigley Gum boat by Brooks Stevens.

Via Amanda at Retronaut


Alejandro Jodorowsky. International Posters for The Holy Mountain. 1973.

Kevin R. Seward - Matrilineal
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Created in Virtual ANS from scanned hand script.

Kevin R. Seward - Hunter's Belt
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Hunter’s Belt

Feedback via battery powered clock radio, toy echo mic, Radio DJ toy AM transmitter.  Monotron through same.  AM radio theremin.



I just remembered my record store dream, and I was looking through stacks of vinyl, and I found an album called The Bagpipe Reggae All-Stars Play The Music Of Nico. 

Kevin R. Seward - Seeline
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Created in Virtual ANS using scan of pencil drawn lines.

Cardiac Paste

Marcel Duchamp’s heart readout becomes the rhythm.  (Well, here, the inflected low drone—eh, same difference.)  Done in Virtual ANS for Disquiet Junto 120.