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Apr 15


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Apr 14

“It is pure intention: If there is chaos, it is authored chaos; if it is ugly, it is designed ugliness; if it is absurd, it is willed absurdity.” — Rem Koolhaas, S M L XL. Still the most relevant quote about Singapore. (via woonder)

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Apr 13

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” — from Zen Shin Talks  (via kushgrl)

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Apr 12

Anonymous asked: I fell in love with somebody who loves me only as a friend. I've been lying to them about a lot of things, and I hate that. And I'm afflicted with so many things, I'm so heartbroken no matter how genuine that friend-love is, it won't really make things better. Can you write a poem for me?


I am your friend. I am walking across an ice field.

Winter has begun to put a puzzle in your mouth.

This is what a real lie looks like. I grew up

in the dark paintings of Moscow. I have three children,

grown now, they live in the outskirts of a town I can not

pronounce. I am deeply unaware of warmer continents. I have

never shaken a soda and opened it in anyone’s face. I have two

jobs, I’m so busy. I told you that your eyes are just eyes. I pretended

I was okay when you left a village on the back of a seal. This is what

a real lie looks like. I wanted to tell you. I wanted announcements carried

by large birds across the country. This is what the truth

looks like. I am the youngest in my family. I light small

things on fire and step away. I think this could work if we are

held up to the sun in the right way. I think

you’re tired. I think your wings are just wings and I won’t

hold you responsible.


here is a poem/prose for you. I hope you like it. Thanks for writing to me and letting me write something. I hope it helps. xo

Apr 11

Apr 10

Backlit, by KR Seward -

Eight instrumental tracks created with a variety of gizmos, feedback, AM radio theremin, Etherwave theremin, software and such like