audiokayness (the phantom annex)

Oct 21


Oct 20

August Combines, by KR Seward -

Live improvs, goofy gizmos interacting on a bare ironing board.

Something somewhat similar to this video cousin.

Oct 19

Talk Show - Gilles Deleuze: What Is The Creative Act? (1987) -

About ideas grounded in applications/disciplines, cinema and such like.

Oct 17


Gita Lenz: Photographs ‹ Candela Books + Gallery - Copyright 2012. -

Gita Lenz is an American born photographer. Most active from the 1940s through the early 1960s …  Abstract compositions, surreal subject matter, and intimate portraits all attracted Lenz’ attention and each subject was carefully considered and beautifully printed.

Oct 08

interwebs naptime

indefinite zzzzz, please proceed …

Oct 07

August Combines, by KR Seward -

Three tracks recorded live open air in stereo, combinations and interactions on a bare ironing board as table/resonator.

Monotron, Realistic Electronic Reverb set up to feedback, goofy speaker/amplification.  Free range humbucker on ironing board into goofy amplification.  Also toy mixer/amp, toy echo mics.


Oct 05