audiokayness (the phantom annex)

"without records" - YCAM Otomo Yoshihide / ENSEMBLES




a safe place on a rail - some 28 years ago. the volume settings folder.


Haunted House panorama


Otrillodyne 3 - Demo 2 demonstrated by my girlfriend’s brother (he’s only 5).

Demo 3 (on/off demo)

i wanted to get back to experimenting with the CD4046 PLL chip, and i thought it would be kind of cool to use a toy enclosure as the body for the new synth.

Kevin R. Seward - Up Now
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Up Now

Monotron, toy echo mic, AM transmission/reception, Realistic Stereo Amplified Listener, AM radio theremin.

If your first move is brilliant, you’re in trouble. You don’t really know how to follow it; you’re frightened of ruining it. So, to make a mess is a good beginning.
Brian Eno

Seen around but this time via synthtopia.


Sony Table-Top AM/FM Transistor Radio (High Frequency Sound), circa 1974.