audiokayness (the phantom annex)

Let’s get lost.

Kevin R. Seward - Subjective Correlative
18 plays

Subjective Correlative

Feedback and such via mini FM transmitter/radios, purple karaoke boombox, Monotron, DOD digital delay, toy mixer/amp, phone tap pickup, toy echo mic and so on.

Kevin R. Seward - 60 Pound Flam
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60 Pound Flam

Monotron, Electro Harmonix and DOD digital delay pedals, Crowbar 3 x 3 mixer matrix, el cheepo Karaoke machine, boombox.

Kevin R. Seward - Six Time Spin
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Six Time Spin

Feedback and such.  Toy echo mic, toy AM transmitter, AM radio, Monotron, voice changer and so on.

Katsu planned to open source the design files used for this project. The freedom that he has created with this design for graffiti artists is important: there is no building too high or inaccessible anymore for graffiti.

Kevin R. Seward - Down Aft
18 plays

Down Aft

Monotron recorded and messed with in Berna.

Kevin R. Seward - Cross View
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Cross View

Monotron recorded and messed with in Berna.

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Parvis de Saint-Gilles, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgique / A beggar singing at the market.

Tech note : Sony PCM-M10, SP-TFB-2 binaural recording, listen with headphones.