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All Goofyness Shall Be Revealed #7 - goofy amps and speakers in general

Hate to cause anyone’s head to explode.  There just may be too much goofyness here to safely comprehend.  Maybe it would be best to turn back now, seek the comforts of home & algorithm.  No?  Very well then …

Above is what I loosely refer to as the old gray (or grey) Radio Shack mini amp.  But it has a name: Realistic Micro-Sonic Speaker-Amplifier.  Back when such a thing could be had, it was model 277-1008. Some say that it was the product of alien technology captured by the Allies and/or forged in the same fires as Excalibur.  Uhm, possibly.  I found this one years back at a some handy guy’s yard sale, with an EICO tube tester and such like.  It definitely looks and sounds like a transistor radio, inspiring similar love & reverence.

Nowadays, the same model number corresponds to the also very awesome goofy mini amp here that composer/author/homebrew ‘lectronix provocateur Nicolas Collins can tell you all about. 

Yes, with the el cheepo Karaoke machine and the circuit bent Spy Voice Changer, the well beloved HoneyTone and various bits of amplification I didn’t get around to photographing, these little amps are funky, flexible means of both amplitude and characterization.  You can put something like a Zube Tube or a goofy toy “echo mic" on them.  Wrap them up in a winter coat or lower them down a well.  Or, er, um, maybe not, but generally speakering, explore.

Any of these amps that comes with a speaker output, like the newer 277-1008, or is hacked to have such an output, can also sound like whatever speaker you want.  Small, large, raw or enclosed, in good shape or punctured or covered with noisy objects—player’s choice.  And again if one were to sojourn to Collins’ site or read his book, there’s stuff about driving piezo discs which can make any light, compliant object (plastic cup, cardboard box and so on) into a speaker.

While many parts of this were mentioned in previous goofyness, just wanted to make sure.

These are also largely the pleasures of home recording goofyness.  Except in quiet parlors of focused listeners, these sounds may prove too delicate for live venues.  Yr. mileage yada & so on.

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