audiokayness (the phantom annex)
Kevin R. Seward - Coil Bin
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Coil Bin

Another older recording.  Stylophone, piezo driven Luxo Lamp spring reverb, feedback and such.

Kevin R. Seward - Mark Cards
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Mark Cards

Ye olde whatnot.  Toy keyboard, Monotron, Stylophone, cheepo Karaoke machine, Spy voice changer.

Kevin R. Seward - Color Call
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Color Call

Humbucker and mini amp interacting with pencil box, other bits of metal.   Barbie Sputnik, Luxo Lamp spring reverb.  Stylophone via purple Karaoke boombox.

Terrarium Novum

The first of two twins recently born released.

The other being Second Recollection.

Um, recently …   Terrarium Novum by KR Seward

Kevin R. Seward - Toggle Fog
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Toggle Fog

Various bits of Stylophone into tremolo into cheepo Karaoke machine with echo.

9 plays

Steps Across

Pole spring of a lantern battery, cage frame of an electric fan, eye of newt.  (Okay, two out of three.)   Picked up by the freerange humbucker and goofy amp’d.  Likewise bobby pin kalimba.

Stylophone through the Monotron, Monotron itself.  Barbie Sputnik and sundry feedback.

9 plays

Parlor Eye

Stylophone and some Monotron funneled through a scrounged reverb tank.  Various feedback interactions with humbucker, mini amp and such.

9 plays

Sighted Weave

Kalimba through handheld humbucker pickup/RS mini amp, various bits of feedback, Stylophonic bass into Realistic Electronic Reverb and Karaoke machine for additional cheep echo.

9 plays

Keep Around

Cheep speaker & metal strip as percussion, Stylophone through Realistic Electronic Reverb, feedback and such.