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Quatermass and the Pit: Episode 6

Cut to the chase:  We are the Martians.

The last of 6 segments.  Or for starters.

Plus there’s the later film version.

Felicia Day, alum of Whedonverse and The Guild, is co-writing & such like.

Here you go, cousins — from Truffaut’s film version of Fahrenheit 451.

Part of ongoing cathode regresssion therapy … 



Buffy: “Oh. My. God.”

Giles: “It’s a sombrero.”

Buffy: “And it’s on your head.”


Today is International Illyria Day


Today is International Illyria Day

Kevin R. Seward - Wild Card Relation
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Wild Card Relation

Made in Virtual ANS using edited scan of drawn lines.

About 28 minutes in, Sal Mineo asks the eternal question “The green or the gold?”  Not too long after, Keenan Wynn and Sharon Farrell ride the crazy.  Then Norman Fell shows up.