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Buffy was of the time when you really watched TV. Like, it was appointment television. And, I loved the humor, I loved the combination of this sort of weird cast. I don’t know if I thought about, like, “Oh, female leads,” because I come from Roseanne, so my whole background was really strong, offbeat, interesting female leads. But it was one of those shows that was just that pure pleasure. It was funny, and it was sad — and ridiculous when, as a grown woman, I think about Angel and Buffy breaking up and Angel walking off into the mist after they’ve killed the mayor who turned into a giant thing.
Amy Sherman-Palladino on being influenced by Buffy (X)

Placing A Call

About 36 min 24 sec in, superheroes seek out the location of an unlisted number using environmental sounds heard over the phone.

Quatermass and the Pit: Episode 6

Cut to the chase:  We are the Martians.

The last of 6 segments.  Or for starters.

Plus there’s the later film version.

Felicia Day, alum of Whedonverse and The Guild, is co-writing & such like.