audiokayness (the phantom annex)
Kevin R. Seward - Ray Drawn
12 plays

Ray Drawn

Yamaha VSS-30, el cheepo Karaoke machine, Monotron, voice changer, toy echo mic, Sound Center toy mixer/amp, phone tap pickup, Megamouth.

Kevin R. Seward - Jaycee Ex
12 plays

Jaycee Ex

Echo mic, voice changer, AM transmission/reception, Monotron, Speak & Spell, AM radio theremin, cassette player in pause record, Barbie Sputnik.

Kevin R. Seward - Brown Ink Plenitude
4 plays

Brown Ink Plenitude

Feedback and such.   Monotron, toy echo mics, goofy amplification.  AM radio theremin.

Kevin R. Seward - Feathered Reset
6 plays

Feathered Reset

Feedback, Monotron, toy echo mic, AM and FM transmission/reception.

Kevin R. Seward - Burgoyne Loop
10 plays

Burgoyne Loop

Alesis Philtre and DOD digital delay pedal interacting via mixer matrix.  El cheepo Karaoke machine, Monotron, AM radio theremin.

Kevin R. Seward - In Whirled Out
4 plays

In Whirl’d Out

Monotronic feedback loops via FM and AM radio.  Also feedback via toy echo mic, voice changer, phone tap, goofy amplification.

Kevin R. Seward - Cautionary Trail
10 plays

Cautionary Trail

Humbuckers, echo mics, Monotron, AM radio theremin, goofy amplification, feedback and interactions.

Kevin R. Seward - Turkey Blossom
6 plays

Turkey Blossom

Monotron, AM radio theremin, toy echo mic, Realistic Electronic Reverb, AM transmitter/radio.

Kevin R. Seward - Thistle Blend
18 plays

Thistle Blend

Monotron, Realistic Electronic Reverb.  Feedback via humbucker, bare ironing board, toy mixer/amp and such.  AM radio theremin.

Again with the feedback, messthetics and so on: Green Swerve by KR Seward