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fuzz of yore

the car, the fuzztone …

Kevin R. Seward - Days Later
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Days Later

Powered computer speaker feeding back into itself.  Homebrew tremolo, oscillators.  Cheepo Karaoke machine.

Kevin R. Seward - Orange Shutters
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Orange Shutters

Monotron, feedback loop via mini FM transmitter, Barbie Sputnik, homebrew oscillators into cheepo Karaoke machine, Fisher-Price toy radio.

Kevin R. Seward - Faults Bottom
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Faults Bottom

A more free range attempt at reading a map using several passes of a DIY oscillator driving a raw speaker with various stuff cradled in it.

Kevin R. Seward - Lightfoot Constellation
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Lightfoot Constellation

Iterations of homebrew oscillator, finagled by hand and/or yet another homebrew oscillator.

Kevin R. Seward - Smooth Bound
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Smooth Bound
Iterations of homebrew oscillator. 

Kevin R. Seward - Feet And Other Than
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Feet And Other Than

Monotron through homebrew oscillator driven DIY tremolo into Karaoke machine.

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