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File under (Sound Creation) Architecture as Idiom & vice versa.  Likewise [Lost &] Found In Action.  As well as Go Along To Play Along.  And so on, no need to stop …

From the link (found via Dataisnature):

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger thought that this absorbed, non-theoretical mode of activity offers a way of understanding the world that is more fundamental than detached and theoretical analysis. Heidegger argues that the privileging of detached theoretical reflection over absorbed activity is a fundamental error at the origin of Western thought, one that casts a shadow over Western society and culture.

I think the circuit bending movement shows an emphasis on absorbed activity over detached theoretical reflection, and a preference for active, perhaps unpredictable systems, not the subservient machines dreamt of by Thomas Dolby.

Oh, hail yeah, ibid. & out of sequence in a slapdash heyhere’shopingyoureadthiswhenthetimepresentsitself way:

If we accept Latour’s position, and in the light of Heidegger’s standpoint, we can see Phuture’s encounter with the 303 not as one driven by error, confusion or breakdown, but as an absorbed exploration, and a series of ‘what if?’ questions that lead to a non-theoretical understanding of the system. Here, decisions are not made in resistance to what is encountered, but in response to it.

Maybe, I’ll read it now.


Uncle Doug describes the construction and functioning of his homemade DeArmond-style electromechanical tremolo unit.

the after picture

From the link:

i had a yamaha PSS-170 laying around, so i figured i would just have some fun with that. the initial plan was to keep it simple. an echo circuit, a filter, a sequencer, and so on. i figured this would be a quick little project that i could crank out in a couple of weeks, but it ended up taking about a month to finish.

fuzz of yore

the car, the fuzztone …

Kevin R. Seward - Days Later
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Days Later

Powered computer speaker feeding back into itself.  Homebrew tremolo, oscillators.  Cheepo Karaoke machine.

Kevin R. Seward - Orange Shutters
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Orange Shutters

Monotron, feedback loop via mini FM transmitter, Barbie Sputnik, homebrew oscillators into cheepo Karaoke machine, Fisher-Price toy radio.

Kevin R. Seward - Faults Bottom
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Faults Bottom

A more free range attempt at reading a map using several passes of a DIY oscillator driving a raw speaker with various stuff cradled in it.