audiokayness (the phantom annex)

Contribution to latest Disquiet Junto.

Cardiac Paste

Marcel Duchamp’s heart readout becomes the rhythm.  (Well, here, the inflected low drone—eh, same difference.)  Done in Virtual ANS for Disquiet Junto 120.

Short And Drawn Out

Piece done for Junto 115 using Short Lines.

From the link:

I had no short (2 - 5 minute) recent pieces recorded, so I took a recent de facto “recording”, a scan of a ink drawing I had done to be the basis for a Virtual ANS piece.  Since I wanted the short backing piece to have the same sort of pacing as it would in long form (about 7 minutes in total),  I used what would be a 2 min. long section of the image in Virtual ANS and exported that as a WAV (“Short Lines”). 

Plenty of quiet time was left at the end of the WAV file so I could loop the basic piece, do a variety of takes with it and have some closeout/lead in time with each pass. 

I played back the WAV in repeat mode, broadcasted it using a mini FM transmitter and played the FM transmission through 2 receiving boomboxes in one room, another boombox in a bathroom, and an old clock radio in another room.  Doorways to all these rooms were closed.  The combined playback and the live performance were recorded together live in stereo at the top of a stairway where these three closed rooms met.

The live performance was done on a Korg Monotron interacting with a Dora The Explorer toy portable cassette player/Karaoke echo mic.

Projected Here

Created for the Disquiet Junto 106 using Virtual ANS.

Virtual ANS:

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Short piece done for DIsquiet Junto 96.

This week’s project is a tribute to Lou Reed, who passed away earlier this week …  Using the phrase “Metal Machine Muse” as your guide, create a tribute to Metal Machine Music. Please employ at least one actual metal in your work, and note it in the title of your track.

map for Panoche Fandown
Segment of geological map used as a graphic score (urm, more or less) for the Disquiet Junto 73 project.Thanks to jmmy kpple for giving me a clue on how to share said map segments.

map for Panoche Fandown

Segment of geological map used as a graphic score (urm, more or less) for the Disquiet Junto 73 project.

Thanks to jmmy kpple for giving me a clue on how to share said map segments.

More on this 73rd Disquiet Junto project, which involves reading a map of the San Andreas Fault as if it were a graphic notation score, at:…73-faultynotation/

This project was conducted as part of a course of study led by Geoff Manaugh (BLDG BLOG). More on his research at:…for-fault.html

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scewed picture of a TV set

Above my contribution to Disquiet Junto 61, Textinstagr/am/bient, wherein the text description of an Instagram becomes a musical springboard.  Many more of other folks’ contributions and such here.

FWIW the link image is not said Instagram but a slightly doctored cropping from a glitching TV broadcast I’d caught on video.  Good times  …

Hog Morse QST

Squiggly Morse Code via Particularity.

Wild Child of Smithfield Square 

[for Disquiet Junto 42-Naive Melody]

Most anything I play I play naively.  Probably the instrument I played earliest, if not the most, is an Aria electric bass.  As some part of me read an “s” by “backing track”, there are several bits of bass in support, two plucked or picked parts, plus ebowed bass tracks.

In the foreground is something just a touch more feral than naive—melodically etc.  It’s same old newly found Radio Shack Stereo Amplified Listener/faux hearing aid (33-1093) used for Junto 41 in “Huntington Quarterspeed”, but here plugged into some cheap stereo computer speakers.  Feedback is its “barbaric yawp”.
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