audiokayness (the phantom annex)
Kevin R. Seward - Simply Springing Side 2
6 plays

Simply Springing Side 2

Made in Virtual ANS using an edited image of a handwritten cassette label.

Kevin R. Seward - Matrilineal
16 plays


Created in Virtual ANS from scanned hand script.

Kevin R. Seward - Hunter's Belt
10 plays

Hunter’s Belt

Feedback via battery powered clock radio, toy echo mic, Radio DJ toy AM transmitter.  Monotron through same.  AM radio theremin.


Kevin R. Seward - Seeline
20 plays


Created in Virtual ANS using scan of pencil drawn lines.

Cardiac Paste

Marcel Duchamp’s heart readout becomes the rhythm.  (Well, here, the inflected low drone—eh, same difference.)  Done in Virtual ANS for Disquiet Junto 120.

Kevin R. Seward - 1st April In May
18 plays

1st April In May

Created in Berna with some edits done in Audacity.

Kevin R. Seward - 2nd April In May
12 plays

2nd April In May

Monotron messed with and recorded in Berna.

Kevin R. Seward - Post Antonio
28 plays

Post Antonio

Created using Virtual ANS.

Kevin R. Seward - Blue Flake
24 plays

Blue Flake

Created in Virtual ANS using edited scan.

Eight instrumental tracks created with a variety of gizmos, feedback, AM radio theremin, Etherwave theremin, software and such like