audiokayness (the phantom annex)

From the greatest record ever made.  At least within some rather skewed set of criteria …  

Tray Card of Destiny

Some old enough to drive, pop songs of yore.

Zilch to infinity now in effect. 

Beyond this, perhaps something less pop, more recent.  Who can say …

A rather faster bit from a long ago time—rockish poplike rootless eclecticism, earnest irony and such. 

Just gathered together, not yet zilch to infinitized.  Entirely ill advised.

The third of new old things now available for zilch to infinity. 

K-Tel had their shot and blew it.  No need for that to happen again.

No text at the link, for whatever reason.  Songlike stuff mostly.  Circa 1984 homebrew recordings slouching toward as yet non existent pop mecca. 

I’d say “you’ll love Song X” etc, but what do I know?   My fave’s probably track 4,  “Veteran’s Day”.

The cut worm forgives the plow.  Or something like that. 

Meanwhile another fine aural aggregation (14 songs!) for zilch to infinity—aka name your price, including free.

Operators are standing by.

From the link:

Too many anthems?

The year is 1990. Cassette 4-tracks benevolently rule the earth. The Caldor rainbow arcs above a pile of cheep MIDI ready Casio and Yamaha keyboards. Lo fi pop monomania begins in earnest. And sometimes irony. Bounce track vocal harmony ensues.

Now available for zilch to infinity—name your price, including nada, nuttin’, free.

Some, uh, context.  From the link:

As of this writing, the whereabouts of the band Zsa Zsa’s Bra are unknown.

Some say they’ve learned French as well as Latin and circle the outskirts of Montreal chanting
“concordia salus”. Others insist their van exploded in Laconia NH and/or plunged into the Atlantic,
Pacific or Arctic Ocean. Or one of the Great Lakes. A few, when plied with beer and such, will
hoarsely whisper that the band had dabbled in the Black Arts and were taken by dark forces while
camping near a Ren Faire.

That’s certainly a lot of rumor about a group whose members refused to be named. Or whose output
pretty much consists of these two original tunes—however awesome they may be.

Some wags full of Dutch courage say the band never existed beyond the fever dream of some dude
with cheap keyboards and a cassette 4-track. Others drunker still will bray on how the drummer
was a cyborg Sasquatch damaged in battle with an atomic Yeti, then found by his future bandmates
and refashioned together using genuine Harley Davidson parts.

What of any of this is true is yet to be seen. No one can say except these two songs remain to be

Cardell MacLinney,
Saskatchewan president-secretary of the Brothers Z (aka Fans of the Bra)
May 2012

Slo Verdigris Red Shift

A modest bit of color for Disquiet Junto 15

Short version: 

For a very limited time, the album Bengal Burlap is available—name your own price, from zilch to infinity.   Operators are standing by.  Need context, details, some way of killing time, read on …


Once upon a time in a farmhouse near the upland swamps and woods of southeastern Virginia, there was a boombox.  Oh, and some other cassette players, an extraordinarily warped acoustic guitar bearing the image of cowboys singing ‘round a campfire, a Synsonics drum machine, a verdigris’d sax, a bell, an electric bass, a kazoo.  And a young iteration of your humble narrator.  Strange things happened, were recorded to cassette tape. 

Now these strange things are on this interwebbable album, Bengal Burlap.

Check it out if you like such things.  Look away if you don’t.  [see Caveats for grisly details]

And be it known that for the next few hours, the album is available—name your own price, from zilch to infinity. 

Normally, the minimum’s five bucks US (I know, ghastly, expensive, like “fork it over, pal”).

So if you happen to like these strange doings and are not carrying a big wad of green these days, this would be time to drop by.  Likewise any of you musos out there who I owe big time for your own interwebbable sounds.  *If* you happen to like these strange doings …


—the individual tracks are still their usual price (i.e. *not* zilch to infinity), so if you’re interested and seek near or total zilchdom of price, go the whole magilla not the tracks. 

—if you’re reading this late and miss said window of zilch to infinity, don’t sweat it.  This’ll likely happen again, in some ad hoc way that even I myself will be unable to anticipate.  But it will.  I think.  

—some errant listeners have gone mad, turned to stone or opened a successful Applebee’s franchise.  Okay, maybe not the latter.  But have a care about playing it for kids, pets and the otherwise impressionable.  

Okay, that’s all I got.  Godspeed through ev’ry fourth wall, gentle reader/listener/person.