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Pedro Infante — Cien Años

The McGee Brothers 031314 synth and percussion improvisation jam

Hal McGee and Mark McGee in a casual improvisation jam in their apartment in Gainesville, Florida on Thursday, March 13, 2014. 

[ed. Also Stanley on barking.]

Materials Used: Plastic ruler, AKG C1000, Macbook Pro running SuperCollider”

Shoreditch: Experimental Music School 1969

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Children from infant, secondary modern & comprehensive schools apply methods of contemporary music, including demonstrations of simple tape & electronic techniques. The children discuss with teacher how different sounds may be produced and experiment with electric circuits and loops on the tape recorder.

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Jeff Carey, Dave Seidel, Jen Gelineau 2.21.14 Xfest Holyoke, MA

deer hooves, dog bones and valentine candy …

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Hal McGee and Mark McGee with the Alien Jungle Safari Orchestra recorded in performance at Apartment Music #23, Saturday, February 15, 2014, Gainesville, Florida. Apartment Music is a long-running series of concerts of experimental, improvisation, electronic and noise music at Hal McGee’s apartment. An audience participation improvisation with Fiver’s Stereo, A.J. Herring, Hell Garbage, Rauh, Andrew Chadwick, Stanley, and Jiblit Dupree. Recorded by Andrew Chadwick.