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"without records" - YCAM Otomo Yoshihide / ENSEMBLES



Otrillodyne 3 - Demo 2 demonstrated by my girlfriend’s brother (he’s only 5).

Demo 3 (on/off demo)




"I think of trash as a record of existence. They’re the archeological evidence of the present moment. History is permeating everything, whether you know it or not." —Abigail DeVille

New in the ART21 New York Close Up series: Artist Abigail DeVille stalks the streets of Harlem with a trash-laden push cart, creating temporary sculptural interventions along the way.

WATCH: Abigail DeVille’s Harlem Stories

IMAGES: Production stills from the ART21 New York Close Up film, Abigail DeVille’s Harlem Stories. © ART21, Inc. 2014.

First performed in 1982, this piece uses 9 sine/square wave oscillators broadcast over 3 loudspeakers that are swung in circles by 3 performers. This video was produced in 1987 and is edited to just over 7 minutes, while a live performance of the piece lasts approximately 25 minutes.

One of a few videos posted on a blogger’s homage to a departed old friend.


joan rivers with dave brockie